I, Kristina, created this blog purely because it was a blog that I wanted to see out there. I wanted to share the tips, ideas, and lessons that I get to share with my friends and family. I was always being asked, “how do you know that?” or “how did you come up with that?” so that led me to believe that I might have the slightest bit of talent. So I thought that if my awesome friends and family like what I do maybe there are more awesome people out there that I could share with.

I’m going to try to share my tips and tricks and overall general hobbies. I also have included a section about things that might have been nice to learn about in school but we were all to busy learning proper grammar and how to find the area of a circle…all of which are important, but not exactly “everyday practical.”

Hope everyone finds something a little bit wonderful in my blog!

 🙂 Kristina 

Kristina – owner, writer, photographer

Victoria – copy editor

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