Another Busy Day

It was another busy day over here.

First, I got to spend some much-needed catching up time with my friend, Nicole. I went over to her place and I taught her how to make some of my homemade holiday gifts that have already been on the blog. She treated me to some yummy S’mores Hot Chocolate that we amped up with a little Vanilla Simple Syrup! 😉


I also finished up my Christmas cards. I wanted to be able to actually write them today so I could date them with the super special date of 12-12-12. I thought that might be fun for my friends if they end up saving one of my cards.

For that, I tried to brush up a little on my calligraphy skills that I swear I had once in high school…but they seem to be evading me right now. It is more like half calligraphy half second-grade handwriting. More practice is needed! Still looks better than a normal pen I think.

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.58.48 PM