Apple Picking Season

Over the weekend I went apple picking with my sister and my dad. We went out to Oak Glen, California and stopped at Riley’s Farm. Apple season started in September and I have wanted to get out there to do some of my own picking. I love being able to see different varieties of produce that we don’t get in the supermarkets. I also love to taste the difference between the store and the field. I was really excited to get some apples for pies, cider, and, of course, caramel apples!

I had a great time out there trying all the apples and figuring out which ones were good for each recipe. One variety I had never heard of but really loved was the Pie Pippin. It is like a really good Granny Smith apple, but a little sweeter and smoother.

At Riley’s Farm, a large portion of the space was devoted to apples, but there were also pumpkins, berries, flowers, and animals. The whole farm has a New England, colonial vibe and all the staff is dressed accordingly which is a touch I find to be very entertaining.

The lower portion of the farm is a colonial style house where there is a restaurant that serves up some apple pie, caramel apples, and cider on top of other pub fair. You can also learn how to do some colonial activities like making candles or pressing apples for cider. While we didn’t do any of the above, I could definitely see taking my little cousins to a place like this.

A clever cow trying to eat my apples!