Blogging from Polyvore

If you follow me on Twitter (@abitwonderful) or Instagram (@alittlebitwonderful) you have seen that I went to Italy and now I am back. This is why there has been a severe shortage of content on the blog recently.

Even though I am back in the states, I have already jetted off to San Jose to visit one of my best friends, Lisa! So today I am blogging live from Polyvore! Lisa works at Polyvore and since I could get a better deal on my flight here she has created a very unofficial “Bring Your Best Friend to Work” day… just for me! Who knows, if it is a success then maybe it will be a staple here at Polyvore.

You might have noticed that I use Polyvore to create my little fashion sets. Polyvore makes it super easy for me to find the clothing pieces I am imagining and they help me narrow it down by item, color and price (and more) so that is extremely helpful when I am trying to create some looks for less.

I put together this little set to help show what it is like here and it is no wonder why I always hear great things from Lisa.

Polyvore Headquarters
The first thing is all the light in this office. Obviously that is hard to convey in the set above, but I have never been into an office with so much natural light. It helps the mood so much!
As a fashion and design centered company, it is easily assumed that the office is wonderfully decorated. With the color theme of lime green and this beautiful turquoise blue, the whole office is a comfortable and inviting place to be. Everything is clean, but not sterile looking and the office is full of quirky design features like the felt pots and plastic grass pen holders.
There is also an incredibly open concept where everyone is able to see each other in addition to great community spaces were colleagues can hang out with each other, have meetings, eat, and unwind during breaks. The fully stocked kitchen and huge magical coffee concoction maker probably helps too. They are stocking some sinful treats, but mostly healthy and organic items with many choices for everyone’s dietary lifestyles.
I think one of the best parts about the decor and atmosphere are the sets they have posted on their walls. They have used top sets by top creators and Polyvore bloggers to help decorate around the office. There is also this adorable pin board titled “love letters” where letters from Polyvore fans are prominently displayed. I love seeing the interaction between company and users!
I am really enjoying myself today and I think this “Bring Your Friend to Work” day thing should catch on. It is such a great way to get a little taste for a company and their environment, especially for those about to go out into the workforce for the first time or even those getting back into work. To me, it is so important to be happy at your company and be happy with your job. Everyone should be able to do something they are passionate about and I think that is how the most productive people are made.
Thanks Polyvore (and Lisa of course!) for letting me spend the day with you!