Eclectic Braided Up-do

This is a style I like to go to when I don’t want to torture my hair with heat and I have worn a bun or pony tail too many times this week. This style looks polished and a little creative.

You are going to need two hair colored hair ties, bobby pins, and mix of fun hair clips.

First you should start by gathering the hair above the level of your ears and clipping it out of the way.

You are then going to separate the hair at the base of your head into two and create two braids like in the image below.

You are then going to let the rest of your hair down. Make your natural part on the top of your head, but lead it down to the center where you made the part for the two braids. Create two braids by using the small braid as one of the sections of hair. There is a detailed picture below.

You should now have two braids. Take both braids and make a simple knot, pulling it in against your head. It is hard to tell that this is a simple knot, but this is the illusion of the style because of the number of braids.

Take the remaining length of hair and wrap it around the knot. Tuck in and secure with bobby pins.

You can leave it this way and it looks great, but I like to take my mix of clips and decorate to create the eclectic look. My clips create lots of texture and visual allure much like the twist of braids. I really like to pick up inexpensive clips from H&M and sometimes splurge on fancy ones from Anthropologie.

The gold flower clip was given to me by my model and friend, Tori! Thanks!


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