Flower Tips with Colin’s Flowers: Arranging

Lucky me, my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Collin are florists and own a lovely and successful shop, Collin’s Flowers, in Anaheim, CA. I always remember getting lovely arrangements on my birthday every year and knowing it was from them before I even read the card. Now I am fortunate enough and they are willing enough to help me share some tips from their trade.

My aunt took some time with my sister and I to show us how to arrange flowers. This arrangement is done in a small mason jar, very on trend, and chic.

First, my aunt explained that especially in the shop, the prepare vases (or jars in this case) ahead of time when they are doing multiple arrangements. This technique of creating grid with tape is used when the base of the container is visible. It adds structure and support to the arrangement without using that green floral foam.

Next is the water. Fill your container almost to the top, leaving about two inches to the brim.

My aunt starts with the green foliage. This helps create a shape to the arrangement as well as more support for the flowers.

When preparing our flowers for the arrangement, we measured against the container how tall we desired our flowers to be. Using clippers or scissors we cut the stems at a 45° angle. This allows a greater amount of surface area for the plant’s vascular system to continue acquiring water.

My aunt likes to work in threes she said. This means that she likes to add three flowers at a time. She started with 2 sunflowers and 1 hydrangea. These 3 flowers were the largest and of about equal size. She recommends starting with the largest and working your way to the smallest flowers because that helps you be able to fill in any gaps as you go.

As you can see we chose a multitude of different blooms and accents and they melded together to form beautiful arrangements. My sister got a little more creative and found some cattail, but other than that, we have a pretty cohesive look.

Look out for more tips from Collin’s Flowers!