Happy Halloween: Dia de Los Muertos

My pumpkin with little Luna.

I have always loved Halloween, but learning about Dia de Los Muertos when I was young made it even better. Second to Hocus Pocus, The Halloween Tree is one of the greatest Halloween movies of all time. My favorite part is when the wind takes the kids to Mexico to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and they eat the candy skulls.

When I was 15, my family and I took a trip to Mexico and even though it was not close to October, you can still find little skeleton statues all around. They are called La Calavera Catrina, which means elegant skulls. They are shown doing any and every activity you can imagine. You are meant to find the one that best depicts the loved ones that you have lost and they are placed on an altar of remembrance (along with food) on Dia de Los Muertos. The best part about the holiday is that it is a celebration and it would be hard to find a sad Catrina.

In Mexico especially, the holiday is one that everyone participates in. Families create these alters, have feasts, and most importantly, visit their loved ones in the cemeteries to celebrate their lives and decorate their graves with flowers and offerings.

This wonderful holiday was the inspiration for my pumpkin this year, which was incredibly simple to make. As you can see, I drew my image, cleaned out the pumpkin, carved and then etched. Adding the flowers was the most fun. Using a screw driver, I pierced holes in the pumpkin around my skull design and then placed the flowers stems into those holes!

I used multiple tea lights to give my pumpkin a bright glow and then it was all set.

Tweet me some of your pumpkins @abitwonderful and I’ll put them on the blog! I would love to see all the creativity out there!

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