Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For Kids

Either I am a pretty good gift-giver, or my little cousins are the sweetest white-liars ever because I seem to have a pretty good track record with getting gifts for kids. The two guide lines that I try to go by are: 1. No Clothes (unless specifically asked for) and 2. Trying to get something for the personality. I don’t think that clothes are bad gifts, just I do remember being much, much more excited by toys or crafts. Also, if you know anything about their personality, finding gifts for kids is 100x easier.

I really love to give gifts that are going to help kids discover what their passions are. That is why I believe that activity based presents are wonderful. I loved my Easy Bake Oven as a kid and look how I turned out!

Although I separated these into boys and girls, there really is a lot of cross over so please look at both! There isn’t one thing on either list that I wouldn’t have played with as a kid… and maybe even now.

It is also a good tip to know if the kids you are buying for are digitally connected. My little cousins all have their iPod Touches so getting them gift cards for their games and apps is always greatly appreciated. As much as they might love an art set or wall-mounted car tracks, they can’t play with those in the car or on the go and that is why they love their iPods.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: for girls

Holiday Gift Guide: for boys