Homemade Holiday Cards

I love being able to send out my own little holiday cards to my friends, but sometimes those ones you can buy are really expensive! Especially the really beautiful ones. I always look at them longingly, but at the same time I am thinking “I can totally do that myself.”

So I went out and I bought the cheap blank cards and envelopes and one Christmas tree stamp (you can use whatever you want). I already had a stamp pad from another project and when I went to find it, I found all this embossing stuff we have. I think the metallic inks are beautiful, but embossing is also fun.

To emboss you are going to need:

  • Slow dry adhesive (it comes in the form of an ink pad)
  • Embossing powder
  • An embossing heat tool, or a hairdryer

First, ink your stamp with the slow drying adhesive and position your stamp. Apply ample force and remove stamp.

Quickly take your embossing powder and apply liberally. Let it sit for about 3 seconds. Using a funnel or a rolled up piece of paper, return the excess powder to the container.

Turn on the embossing tool and use caution. The very hot air that streams out of the tool is what melts the metal dust. Holding the tool about 3 inches away from the paper, make small circular patterns until the powder melts, moving constantly. After you notice the powder has melted, move on, you can “burn” the metal and it ruins the effect.

Using a hairdryer for this step is a little harder because of the amount of air that the hairdryer produces. I recommend melting the powder from the underside of the paper so you avoid blowing away the power.

In addition to the front of the card, I also did the same design on the seal of the envelope. I think it adds that expensive look. This one is done with just a silver stamp pad.

The finished product! I made them all a little different. I like to be able to tell something is homemade because it shows the time and thought you put into it.


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