LA County Fair

For Labor Day weekend I wasn’t able to get away, but I was able to have some fun! I went to the LA County Fair with my family. It was such a great deal because it was the holiday weekend and opening weekend, tickets were only $1! (Hint: you can get discounts for the remainder of the event at participating Ralph’s.)

I had never been to the County Fair that I can remember so it seemed pretty exciting to me. Especially since hearing about all the crazy things people have decided to put on a stick and fry! I thought there was going to be some concoction that I was going to be so flabbergasted by, but at the same time had to try. I ended up pretty perplexed by things like fried kool-aid and fried klondike bars, but not really interested in trying anything. The craziest thing there was the fried Red Velvet cake on a stick.  Also, there were corn dogs more than a foot long and chili fries so abundant that they were prepared in a huge vat and carved out like huge blocks for serving. (Imagine cutting brownies in a pan x20.)

I ended up really happy with what I got. I got 2 carne asada tacos with extra guacamole from King Taco, which I had never had before but is apparently a Los Angeles staple and I can see why. The tacos were fantastic and I felt like I made one of the healthiest choices at the whole Fair! 

The day was super hot so all the animals, even though they were in the shade, were a little tuckered out but still pretty cute! The most exciting thing about the whole day though is kinda telling of my inner nerd. We bought a Vitamix! My family has already wanted one for a while, but the excellent demo at the fair definitely didn’t hurt to see. Make sure to keep visiting my site to see what recipes are  a little bit wonderful with my new Vitamix!

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