Ombre Nails

I decided to combine 3 of the hottest trends right now, nail art, ombre, and neon to create this stylish look.

All you need are two nail polish colors, a small foam sponge, and your clear top coat! (*hint* I got my foam sponge from the cleaning aisle in Target. $.99 for two large sponges and then I cut it into small inch cubes.)

First, paint your nails in a solid color. I chose to accent one nail in the opposite color. Let them dry!

Next, take some of the opposite polish (mine would be the pink polish for the gray nails) and drop some onto a piece of paper or paper plate for you to be able to dip the sponge into. Dip the sponge and pat on paper to see your desired look. Pat the sponge on your nails starting at the top and working your way down to create the gradient look. I like to finish mine by directly applying polish to the tips to make the tips the brightest and enhance the gradient. Let dry!

And here is the final look with top coat!