Spooktactular Crafts pt. 2: Lacy Lady Ghosts

This is a craft is inspired by a post on A Beautiful Mess, another fabulous blog, that Tori saw and wanted to recreate. While Elsie’s craft is beautiful and perfect, Tori couldn’t exactly remember everything while we were gathering supplies so we have some variations.

To do our version of the Lace Ghosts you will need: small styrofoam balls, lace and tulle, white sewing thread and a needle, twine, and a sharpie.

We cut two, foot long pieces of both lace and tulle (so four pieces total) and draped those over our styrofoam balls. We then secured the lace and tulle with a little twine neck tie. We used a single thread as our banner to support these light decorations so that at night the thread seems to disappear. If you are thinking of using this decoration outside where there might be wind, I would suggest using a thicker string, such as fishing line, for a sturdier design.

After adding eyes to our little lady ghosts, we sewed them to the banner thread with a couple of stitches on the tops of the ghost’s heads. Since the craft barely weighs anything at all, a simple piece of tape should be able to secure it wherever you desire.

Make sure you check out A Beautiful Mess to see the originals!

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