Spooktacular Crafts pt.1: Haunting Candles

Today I got to hang out with my friends, Tori and Nicole, for a Halloween crafting extravaganza! We headed out to Michael’s for some crafting inspiration and ended up with some very cute and spooky things!

First we made some creepy candles. Nicole had the idea to take some plain pillar candles and transform them by dripping different color waxes from burning taper candles. This craft was amazingly simple, quick, and effective. I chose a vanilla colored (and scented!) pillar candle to accent with black out of my love for Hocus Pocus, while Nicole went for a vampire look with a white pillar candle with blood-red drips. She also bought a gold candle to add black to. That candle turned out fancy and spooky.

Tori was inspired by some glitter candles in the store and decided to make her own version for Halloween. She simply taped stripes around her candle and used glue to adhere glitter. Once the stripes were dry, she removed the tape and placed some little bat stickers in the negative space! Simple and cute. Her idea is also great for kids because there is no fire.