Thanksgiving Preview

I love Thanksgiving. I love cooking with my family and getting to spend the whole day in the kitchen. Most of all I love trying new recipes or new twists on traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Here is a preview in photos of some of my favorite dishes. Recipes and detailed guides will be coming your way soon!

This dish was introduced to our Thanksgiving table by my Aunt. I think she got the recipe from Food Network, but we’ve been having it for a couple of years now so it has kinda morphed into our own. After eating this dish, it is the only way I want to eat brussel sprouts. Roasting makes them so sweet and savory. I especially love the crispy burnt parts. The pancetta gets wonderfully crispy and is a nice complement. It’s basically like a thin Italian bacon and what more do I have to say than that?

We like our good ole “slide out of the can” cranberry sauce, but ever since I introduced this to our table we have to have both. We actually serve up three versions of cranberry sauce: canned, homemade whole berry, and homemade sugar-free. I started making sugar-free versions of thanksgiving dishes when my grandpa was diagnosed with diabetes. He has since lost weight and no longer has diabetes, but we keep our sugar-free sides because they are pretty great (and healthy!).

Our family doesn’t do traditional stuffing. We have our “relleno” (which means stuffing in Spanish.) Even thought it’s practically a family secret, I think my grandma is going to let me share it with you! I’ll let you in on a little secret. I can’t really compare it with traditional stuffing because I’ve never had traditional, but I love our’s. From what you can see in this picture, it’s a mix of shredded beef, different veggies, olives,  and apples. There are also onions, bread crumbs, cooking sherry, Worcestershire sauce, and a mix of seasoning. It’s sweet, salty, and savory and always wins over any of our more traditional Thanksgiving guests.

Not much to say about our turkey. It is pretty standard as far as Thanksgiving turkeys go, but my cousins and I make a little tradition of cleaning and preparing the turkey all together. We always have some good laughs and some awkward family photos of us with butter and spices all over our hands while we prepare the turkey.

Before I branched out into cooking, I was the family baker. I love making pies. My sister loves cherry pie, but I hate that canned stuff with all the sugary goop in it, so I made one with simple frozen cherries. Just look at that color and tell me you would prefer that gross pink stuff. (You can’t.)

My other favorite thing about making pies is playing around with the crust. On the one above, I made little circle cut outs and used them to make spirals. I also used some of the cherry juice to add a little color to a few of the circles.

We have cherry, sugar-free pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie!

There are some people who don’t like pie, so we always make sure to also have some cake and chocolate is the go-to flavor. I made last years a little unique by shaving some Dark Sea Salt Chocolate on top. It was gone within seconds!

Hope you are getting some ideas for your family’s Thanksgiving. Leave a comment below to let me know what recipes you want to see or to share some of your favorite family traditions.

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