The Sock Bun

The sock bun is not a new concept or a new DIY, but it was something that sounded almost too good to be true. It sounded a little too simple or else I would think that you would see the style left and right. So I gave it a try.

1. Cut the toe off a sock. Preferably one close to the color of your hair. If you happen to have a long sock, you don’t have to use the portion with the heel.








2. Roll the sock. This part you have to take your time, go slow and try to make it smooth and tight. It will come together if you don’t rush through.





3. Use a hair tie and create a ponytail on the crown of your head where you want the center of the bun to be.






4. Pull hair through the sock ring and move it towards the end of your hair. You are going to let hair fall around all sides of the sock and this is how you create the full look. This is also the part that got a little tricky and I thought I might abandon the ship. It just looked like a mess and I thought the layers were not going to cooperate, but I just kept going. Once you get rolling vs. only trying to tuck the hair in, it comes together fast and easy.

5. When you reach the crown of your head again, use bobby pins to secure look and gently spray with hairspray to tame any flyaway  hairs.

Voila! Lovely, classy, and tamed look. PS. Pictures are from our first try, so it actually was easy!

Thanks to my little model Sofie! Isn’t she pretty?

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