Treat for Everyone!

TreatCardYou know when that thing called life gets in the way of you doing your blog? Yeah it happens, but I come to you with a Treat! A Treat Card that is.

Treat Cards

So in this thing called my life, I started working for Shutterfly (which I’m sure many of you know about. If not check it out!), and more specifically, their new greeting card company, Treat. I love my job working with social media because I get to see some of those moments when customers share stories about how a company’s product or service made someone’s day. Since Treat is a greeting card company that allows you to create personalized cards, there really are a lot of great stories about how they make every occasion something special.

We have such a fun time at work!
We have such a fun time at work!

I have been sending only Treat cards since I started working here and everyone loves them. My grandma even took her Mother’s Day card to the salon to show it off. I also sent one to my sister for her birthday and she had to do a double-take when she realized it was her face on the card. (But I’m sure she loved the gift card printed inside the most.)

One of the big campaigns that is going on now is the Treat Million Card Giveaway which leads me to this great perk I can share with you. A FREE CARD!

Simply go to, create your card, and then enter TRTD86DX69 at checkout.

The offer is valid until June 17, 2013 and is for new customers only. If you send the card to yourself (which I like to do because I like to sign it), the card will be free. If you choose to send it to your recipient then it will only be the price of the stamp!

If you are thinking of sending a Father’s Day card, make sure to place your order by June 10th!